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Pho Festival at Vinpearl Celebrates Vietnam's National Dish 

Dec 20, 2020 | Press Release

HANOI, Vietnam (Dec. 20, 2020) -- Vinpearl hospitality group has collaborated with Almaz restaurant to stage a nationwide Phở Festival on December 12, 2020. Vinpearl’s Phở Festival took place at 18 Vinpearl hotel and resort locations across the country. Guests had a chance to the reputable phở Thìn and sample other creative phở variations during the event. 

Highlights at the festival included a special Phở Brunch menu with signature phở dishes, meet-and-greet sessions with Nguyễn Trọng Thìn, the man behind the famous phở Thìn in Hanoi, and tasting contests for guests of all ages. Inspired by traditional flavours as well as modern interpretations, Vinpearl's chefs also brought unique phở dishes to the table, including the signature ‘Landmark Phở' with Wagyu beef, lobster phở, chicken phở with bird's eye chilli, and phở pizza.

To introduce the best of phở to travellers from all over the world, in 2014, Vinpearl reached out to renowned phở artisan Nguyễn Trọng Thìn to feature his phở on their menu. Vinpearl’s chefs were trained and guided by Mr. Thìn through a meticulous process, from choosing the freshest ingredients to watching the broth for hours to get the flavours just right. Loved by Hanoi locals and visitors alike, phở Thìn is one of the city's most iconic noodle spots, with a recipe perfected over decades. All of Vinpearl's 33 hotels and resorts now serve phở Thìn at their breakfast buffet, a perk foodie travellers can look forward to.  

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