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    Photo by Aaron Joel Santos

Ly Son Culture Tourism Week
29 Jun 2018 - 03 Jul 2018 | Hoi An

The Ly Son Culture Tourism Week is an ideal opportunity to explore the quaint scenery and fishing traditions of little Ly Son, a island just south of Hoi An known for its garlic crops. This brand new...

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Tra ART Exhibition
01 Jul 2018 - 09 Jul 2018 | Ha Noi

Immerse yourself in the tea-growing culture of Northern Vietnam at the Tra ART exhibition, on display in the lobby of L'espace in Hanoi's leafy French Quarter. This interactive experience features...

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Hau Ai Village Festival
08 Jul 2018 - 08 Jul 2018 | Ha Noi

Take part in the celebrations of Vietnam’s dynastic past at the Hau Ai Festival, a half-hour drive west of Hanoi. The village honours its guardian god, Do Kinh Tu, a scholar of the Ly Dynasty....

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Quan Lan Festival
11 Jul 2018 - 11 Jul 2018 | Ha Long

Celebrate the tenacity of Vietnam in the Quan Lan Festival, on an island just outside of Halong Bay. This is a dynamic celebration of the historic victory against Mongol invaders during the 13th...

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The Bamboo Talk
13 Jul 2018 - 28 Jul 2018

Experimental music hub Phu Sa Lab in Ha Noi is hosting ‘The Bamboo Talk’, a performance highlighting the practical and inspirational role of bamboo in Vietnamese culture. Held in an independent...

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Chi Long Festival
25 Jul 2018 - 25 Jul 2018 | Hue

Chi Long is a small village festival that takes place each year in Phong Chuong District, close to the historic city of Hue and Tam Giang Lagoon. Villagers commemorate founder Lady Dai Cang, who led...

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