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  • Can Tho

At first glance, Cần Thơ seems to be a bustling city, with a stream of commerce flowing continuously down the Hậu River. But treat yourself to a room on its leafy banks, dine on its sun-ripened fruits and fresh river fish, glide on sampans through its sultry canals, and you’ll soon realise Cần Thơ’s big city facade is just half the story. The other half? Misty sunrises over the water, lazy afternoons swaying in a hammock, and balmy evenings announced by a chorus of insects. Under the Mekong Delta’s blazing blue skies, Cần Thơ leaves a vivid impression.

Top things to do in Cần Thơ

Tour the islets

Whether you go by bicycle or sampan, the islets of Cần Thơ are where you feel the real pulse of local life. Book a community-based tour to lunch with a local family, explore rice paper villages and fruit orchards, and enjoy a taste of pure Mekong Delta charm.

Wake up for the floating markets

It’s worth the early morning start to see Cần Thơ’s morning markets heaving with colourful boats and exotic produce. Cái Răng is the most famous in the area, but ask your local host about smaller floating markets where you can engage with the vendors.

Taste hủ tiếu on a boat 

There’s nothing like a breakfast of steaming hủ tiếu noodles served on the water in the early morning. Sticky tapioca noodles, crunchy bean sprouts, and thinly sliced pork blend together in a tasty savoury broth. Slurp it up surrounded by the sounds of the market.

Bình Thuỷ ancestral house

Take a step back in time to see how Cần Thơ’s wealthy merchant families lived. Built in 1870, this brightly painted house has housed several generations of the Dương family, and is a fascinating blend of French and Asian architecture.

Relax by the riverside

Cần Thơ offers several enticing places to stay, where discerning travellers can enjoy a tropical escape by the water’s edge. Spoil yourself at the Azerai Can Tho, relax with heartfelt hospitality at Victoria Can Tho, or try a sustainable homestay experience at Mekong Rustic.

Can Tho Weather

Cần Thơ has a tropical climate. Summers come with heavy rainfall, and most of the rest of the year is hot and dry. December and January are the coolest months. Rains fall regularly from July to November, and the heat is on from March to June.

Can Tho Transport

The international airport in Cần Thơ is just 20 minutes outside of the city, with flights arriving from major hubs in Vietnam. Buses taking passengers the four-hour journey from Ho Chi Minh City stop at the bus terminal four kilometres outside the town. It’s also possible to reach Cần Thơ via the Hậu River, on a cruise from Ho Chi Minh City or Cambodia. Once in town, local taxis are readily available. Cycling is also an option on the islets and roads leading away from the city. Local ferries run regularly between the mainland and islets.