• Binh Thuan: A Waterfall Paradise

Binh Thuan Waterfall

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Binh Thuan province is located on Vietnam’s southeastern coast. Famously known for its beaches, islands, sand dunes and relic sites, Binh Thuan also offers a cavalcade of cascading, exotically named waterfalls - with some pretty cool folklore to go along with them.

Ba Waterfall (Lady Waterfall or 9-Storey Waterfall) is located in Ong mountain nature reserve, which is home to a feast of flora and fauna - hundreds of plant species, myriad varieties of avian dwellers, dozens of mammal species and a mystifying array of fish and amphibians.

Lady Waterfall got her name from the legend of the forlorn wife, who waited in vain for her husband’s return - her hair ultimately turning as white as tumbling water. The woman eventually died and turned into the waterfall. Her husband, upon finally returning and heartbroken at his wife’s death and was turned into Ong Mountain. Where he now embraces his love, forevermore. 

A cacophony of chatter joins the staccato splashes of the falls - monkeys, birds and cicadas, all joining in the jungle chorus, as though serenading the waterfall. 

Fed by a deep lake, Lady waterfall actually splits into nine falls, yet only 3 of these falls are accessible. The lake area offers fishing and camping, so visitors can completely immerse in the habitat.

Binh Thuan Waterfall

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About 60 km northwest of Phan Thiet city, there lies the La Ngau commune offers up Da Mi Waterfall, a dazzling array of 50 layered shelves from which the water cascades in an abstract resemblance of mallets on a xylophone - creating a mystically, musical serenity. 

Nearby the Da Mi Waterfall is the Cloud 9 Waterfall.  Named after the 9 floors it has and looks like terraced fields, the higher the waterfall, the more visible and beautiful it becomes. In the middle of the mountains and forests, the waterfall looks like a princess full of beauty and difficult to conquer.

Yavly Waterfall is found deep in the mountainous region of the Tuy Phong district (in the Kalon Song Mao nature reserve). Yavly falls is created by two small converging streams, that’s why it’s then adopted another name as Thac Cap - “Coupe” waterfall. At 100 meters in height, Yavly plummets into a pond, which is ideal for swimming. The local people identify Yavly as a girl posing before the mountain - the streaming, cascading water representing her sinuous body and long, tumbling hair.

Binh Thuan Waterfall - Yavly Waterfall


Binh Thuan’s Tanh Linh district offers a series of waterfalls which include Mua Bay, Buffalo Head and Truot. Mua Bay is nearly 40 meters high and its constant pounding creates a steady mist - visitors can stand beneath the falls and gaze at the sheer black rock cliffs and surrounding jungle foliage. 

Binh Thuan Waterfall

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Truot Ta Pua Waterfall is especially popular because of the smooth, rock-surface ravines the fall has gorged out over time. Truot is ideal for sliding - a mother-nature waterpark chute - spilling into a swimming pond.  

Binh Thuan Waterfall - Truot Waterfall

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Buffalo Head Waterfall is so-named because two white-water streams resembling buffalo horns converge to make the 30-meter drop. Buffalo Head’s clear lake repository is ideal for swimming. 

You’d be hard-pressed to find a waterfall in Viet Nam that doesn’t come with a legend or entertaining story. After all, Viet Nam is a country - a culture - rich with myths. Binh Thuan province is special in that it has a unique blend of coastal and mountainous regions, which beg for exploration. The waterfalls of this amazing province are a good place to start.

What these waterfalls have in common are their pristine beauty and accessibility. There’s ample area to camp or picnic - you can swim and soak while surrounded by wildlife. The waterfalls of Binh Thuan are an adventurer’s escape, a trekker’s delight and a nature enthusiast’s Garden of Eden.