Vietnam Airlines Piece Concept luggage allowance

Vietnam Airlines Applies Piece Concept to Baggage Allowance

Jul 09, 2019 | Press Release

July 9, 2019 (HANOI, Vietnam) – Starting from Aug. 1, 2019, Vietnam Airlines will apply the Piece Concept for baggage allowance on all domestic and international flights, replacing the current Weight Concept. Under Piece Concept, free baggage allowance is determined by the number of pieces of luggage rather than the total amount of weight that a passenger can travel with. 

Passengers who purchase tickets before 31 July are still eligible for the standard baggage allowance indicated on their existing tickets. Vietnam Airlines advises anyone booking tickets after that date to check the baggage policy for their date of travel.

The Piece Concept is used by airlines worldwide including Air France, British Airways, All Nippon Airways and Korean Air. This change will unify Vietnam Airlines policies with other major airlines, providing extra convenience for passengers with connecting flights.

Under the new policy, Business Class passengers will enjoy free allowance of 1 piece (32kg) on domestic Vietnam and Vietnam - Southeast Asia routes, and 2 pieces (32kg/each) on Vietnam - Northeast Asia, Europe, Australia and US routes.

Economy Class passengers are entitled to carry 1 piece (23kg) on domestic Vietnam routes and Vietnam – Southeast Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe and Australia routes, and 2 pieces (23kg/each) on Vietnam - Japan and US routes. 

Premium Economy passengers can enjoy 2 pieces (23kg/each) on Vietnam - Northeast Asia, Europe, Australia and US routes and 1 piece (32kg) on Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh routes.

Regarding hand luggage, the number of pieces allowed remains the same, but the maximum weight of each piece will be increased. Economy class passengers can bring 1 piece plus 1 small item (not exceeding 12kg total) while Premium Economy and Business Class passengers can bring 2 pieces plus 1 small item (not exceeding 18kg total.) These are subject to restrictions, where applicable.

Economy Class passengers travelling on Vietnam Airlines flights to and from Europe and Australia from 1 August to 31 December 2019 will receive an extra piece of luggage allowance (23kg.) Vietnam Airlines will also offer discounted rates of up to 50% on pre-flight purchases as well as additional baggage charges.

These new luggage rules are applicable on Vietnam Airlines flights only. Passengers travelling on connecting services with other airlines should consult each airline’s baggage policy.

For more details, please visit Vietnam Airlines’ website, or contact Vietnam Airlines agents, ticket offices or Customer Care on +84 24 38320320.