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a changing nation

Vietnam is a country where anything seems possible. As soon as you arrive, you’ll notice the activity, industry, and energy all around. While there are still many areas that remain peaceful and undeveloped, there’s no denying that Vietnam has entered an exciting new era, one full of promise. Now is the perfect time to visit, with more options and possibilities for your holidays than ever before. #VietnamNOW showcases outstanding experiences – old and new – that make this one of the world’s most inspiring travel destinations. We invite you to visit #VietnamNOW. 

  • by Peter Cuong Franklin, Executive Chef at Anan Saigon

    On new Vietnamese cuisine

    I think on the global stage Vietnamese food is under-appreciated. People know it’s good but they think of it on a cheap, low level. So what we’re trying to do is to say Vietnamese cuisine can compare to Japanese cuisine or French cuisine, for example. We’re trying to elevate Vietnamese food to that level. We’re slowly trying to change people’s minds, using good cooking techniques, good ingredients. It’s part of a process.


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  • by Lien Nguyen, Co-founder of Appota

    On tech in Vietnam

    Vietnamese in general are early adopters of any new technology. They’re curious. They’ll spend a thousand dollars on an iPhone! Of course some of it’s for show, but some of it’s also for curiosity and keeping up with new technology. We may be leapfrogging over a lot of old, traditional technology of developed countries, and the Vietnamese curiosity is the driving force in that.


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  • by Loc Truong, General Manager at East West Brewing Co.

    On changing times

    The best thing about Ho Chi Minh City right now is all the changes that are going on. Every time I’m gone for three weeks, I come back and something’s changed. I would say that’s pretty exciting. The change is very positive for the future outlook. Because we’re finally catching up with the rest of the world. All these changes put pressure on people. They want to do better, and better, and better. There’s a lot of pride, Vietnamese love. 


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