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Vietnam captures the imagination of visitors from all over the world. It's easy to see why with this compilation of the best of #MyVietnam on Instagram. Discover the stories, experiences and impressions through the lenses of locals and travellers alike, and see why so many people love exploring Vietnam. 

Alden Anderson    

"My Vietnam is... The 14-year-old boy who doesn’t stop smiling as he tries to explain how they plant rice, in his very limited English. The Buddhist monk and his passion to preserve all species of bamboo. My Vietnam is the hardworking, resilient, beautiful and friendly people that make Vietnam a great country."  


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Brian D. Sumito   

"Food, Culture, Landscapes, Architecture, History: Vietnam has got it all, and to me the food is one of the best experiences I had in my life. Traveling from North to South just widens my view about Vietnam and how diverse the food culture is and 18 days here is just not enough."    


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Chris Schalkx   

"My Vietnam is... the humming sound of motorbikes buzzing through the street. The delicious reward after scouring the streets for the best bowl of pho, the smoothest egg coffee or the sweetest chè. The peeling walls of the most beautiful mansions. And most of all, the thrill of knowing that a new surprise awaits you behind every corner."


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Luke Neville   

"My Vietnam is around every bustling street corner and down every vibrant, humble hem. It's across the vast gleaming paddy fields and along the indefinite stretches of fine, sandy beaches and rough, rugged coastline." 


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Jonas Furstone    

"My Vietnam is... being surrounded by versatile nature from incredible unknown beaches, vegetable and fruit farms to dark caves and endless mountain passes. As an outdoor photographer and drone pilot I discover countries in different ways than most tourists do."


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Julie Vola   

"My Vietnam is… a feeling of freedom while road tripping, driving on winding roads through villages or on small paths in the mountains in pursuit of the next photo. It is the people, so generous and humble who share with me a part of their lives and who they are." 


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Cesar Boldt    

"My Vietnam is... the infinite jungles floating above the water. The luxuriant vegetation surrounding Ha Long Bay. It’s the floating houses all around the bay with friendly people, and it’s the hikes in the jungle to find the best viewpoint to watch the last sunlight disappear on the horizon."


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Tim Karapetian    

"My Vietnam is where I can go out to the streets and capture the true and authentic daily life of the locals. It’s a country of unique landscapes, with millions of scooters, beautiful beaches and delicious food. My Vietnam became a famous travel destination but still remains an adventurous, interesting place to discover."    


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Soai Pham Van Vu       

"My Vietnam is a paradise full of vibrant colours. From the tranquil greenery in Ninh Bình, to the royal colors of Huế's glorious past, to the timeless yellow in the Hội An Ancient Town, all of it inspires me to travel, stay and click the shutter."    


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Emily Lush

"My Hanoi is a city of constant movement. Every day feels like something completely new. Hanoi is the kind of city where you can park yourself on a street corner and watch a million picture-perfect scenes roll before your eyes." 


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