• #MyVietnam in motion

    Cho Cu market in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo by Christian Berg.

#MyVietnam is a personal journey into Vietnam, through stories, images, and videos by locals and travellers. Dozens of creators sent in their entries for the #MyVietnam video contest. Ranging from the dramatic to the adorable, each video shows a unique perspective of Vietnam. See the winners of the #MyVietnam video contest as well as our favourite entries below.

1-minute video winner: #MyNorthernVietnam

Olivier Langevin is a travel photographer who hails from Montreal, Canada. His winning video takes you along on a breathtaking adventure through Northern Vietnam. 


15-second video winner: #MyQuyNhon

Cường Huỳnh is based in Ho Chi Minh City, but his travels take him to the coastal city of Quy Nhon. For his entry, he told us three reasons he keeps coming back.  


#MyVietnam by Thomas Goh

Singapore-based videographer and cinematographer Thomas Goh takes his audience deep inside the fabric of Vietnam, on an epic ride through the iconic sites and charming corners of Hanoi and Halong Bay.


#MyHanoi by Nguyễn Bá Dũng

Hanoian videographer Bá Dũng shared a collection of magical moments in the capital city's centremost lake, with his #MyVietnam entry ‘Sunset in Hoan Kiem Lake.’


#MyVietnam by Anastasia Pittini

Bali-based Instagram influencers Anastasia Pitti and her partner Jean-Pierre Jordaan from Travel Leap created this sensory journey through Vietnam, full of striking visuals.


#MyVietnam by Alyshia Turchyn

Canadian travel blogger Alyshia Turchyn shared favourite moments from her recent adventure from Halong Bay to Ho Chi Minh City in a personal #MyVietnam entry.


#MyVietnam by Marta Trela

Travel-buff and videographer Marta Trela gave a cinematic personal snapshot of her travels around Vietnam, showing scenes of daily life in places such as Hoi An and Ha Giang.


#MyDongVan by Jay Nguyen

Filmmaker and adventurer Jay Nguyen tells a great story in his submission, about another way to explore the jaw-dropping beauty of Dong Van Geopark: on foot!


#MyVietnam by Mark Sugdon

Mark Sugdon, a traveller from England, loved his journey to Vietnam so much he shares some of his favourite experiences from his adventure.


#MyHanoi by Nguyễn Bá Linh

A student at the Vietnam National University in Hanoi, Bá Linh Nguyễn captured the classic sights and frenetic streets of the Old Quarter on camera. 


#MyNinhBinh by Lương Việt Chương

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, travel blogger Chương takes viewers to a surreal corner of Vietnam, with his #MyNinhBinh video entry.


#MyHoChiMinhCity by Eden Weiss

Videographer and editor Eden Weiss from South Africa serves up a heady dose of Ho Chi Minh City flavour in this non-stop clip.


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