Sun World Ba Den Mountain

Sun World Ba Den Mountain Opens Cable Car

Jan 07, 2020 | Press Release

TAY NINH, Vietnam (Jan. 7, 2020) -- To celebrate the Year of the Rat, Sun World Ba Den Mountain will officially open its cable car system January 18, 2020.

The cable car system was built by the world’s leading brand, Doppelmayr Garaventa, ensuring world-class safety for visitors. The opening coincides with the early spring pilgrimage to Ba Den Mountain, making it more convenient than ever.

Often referred to as the roof of southeast Vietnam, Ba Den Mountain is usually reached by a lengthy hike to the top, which can take a few hours. With a height of 986 meters, the 1,500 steps can be a bit daunting. Luckily, the cable car shortens the journey to only 8 minutes from the foot of the mountain (Ba Den Station) to the top (Van Son Station). The Van Son cable car covers a total travel distance of 1,847 meters as 113 cabins service visitors.

The second route, the Hang Pagoda cable car system, takes visitors only 5 minutes to move from the foot of the mountain (Ba Den Station) to the cultural and spiritual complex of Ba and Hang Pagodas (Hang Pagoda Station). The Hang Pagoda cable car route covers a total distance of 1,211 meters and has 79 cabins. This allows visitors to safely reach this natural and spiritual site, home to Ba Den’s sacred altar. 

The cable car ticket price is 200,000 VND/round trip for both cable cars to the top of Ba Den Mountain and to the spiritual complex of Ba Pagoda. For children from 1 to 1.4 meters tall, the fee is 100,000 VND/round trip. For children under 1 meter, the Ba Den cable car is free.

The opening ceremony of Tay Ninh Cable Car Station will officially take place on January 18, 2020 at Sun World Ba Den Mountain. Starting at 8 am, it will include interesting art programs and cultural displays until 12 pm.

Sun World Ba Den Mountain will bring a new experience for visitors, as well as increase the capacity to serve the increasing number of tourists during the Tet holiday and future pilgrimages. 


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