• Beachy, beautiful Phu Quoc

    Relaxing on Bai Sao. All photos by Christian Berg

Phu Quoc is a triangle-shaped island in the south of Vietnam, home to striking white-sand beaches and delightfully fresh seafood. Vietnamese know Phu Quoc mainly for its high-quality fish sauce and aromatic black peppers.

The fishing village vibe is still found in many pockets of the island, where brightly painted boats bob in the water against a backdrop of tall coconut palms. In recent years though, Phu Quoc has caught the attention of sun-seeking travellers who can’t get enough of its warm waters and coastal scenery. Here are some of the best reasons to visit.

Beaches from big to small

best beaches phu quoc

Phu Quoc is really one large island (the largest in Vietnam actually) plus 21 smaller islets. Be sure to hire a boat or join a tour to go snorkeling off the An Thoi archipelago in the south, where sparkling beaches and underwater reefs await. On the main island, there are countless beaches to choose from, depending on your preference.

bai sao beach phu quoc

Bai Sao is a favourite stretch of sand with public and private areas, catered to by local restaurants serving cold coconuts and grilled seafood. If you prefer peace and quiet, head to Vung Bau on the western coast, where you can have a spot all to yourself. Ong Lang is a long pristine beach perfect for families, Ganh Dau beach is a secret spot in the north of the island, and Bien Ba Keo is best for sunset-watching. Take your pick.

Seafood feasting

phu quoc restaurants

The rich waters surrounding Phu Quoc are an important source of livelihood for fishing families on the island. Many fishermen catch anchovies that are carefully processed into the island’s famous fish sauce.

phu quoc dining

Visitors also benefit from the abundance of the sea when staying on Phu Quoc. Take advantage during your trip with lunch in a floating restaurant out on the water, and visit the buzzing night market for a unforgettable dinner of barbecued seafood

Sailing Club Phu Quoc

TIP: For party-goers and night owls, Sailing Club on Long Beach throws the hottest parties on the island. In the evenings, live bands and fire dancers take the stage, and chefs plate up signature dishes such as creamy Peri Peri Prawns and open-oven Seafood Pizza. From 10pm, a lineup of international and local DJs takes over, and everyone dances the night away in the sand.

Sun World cable car

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Hon Thom or Pineapple Island is connected to the mainland by an eight-kilometre cable car, one of the longest in the world. Don’t leave Phu Quoc without taking this spectacular ride, which lasts about 15 minutes one way. The Sun World Cable Car has large windows so you can admire the fishing boats, forested islands, and the sweeping turquoise sea far below. On the island, ride a free shuttle to Hon Thom beach for a dip in the ocean.

sunworld cable car vietnam

TIP: A free shuttle bus runs to the cable car from hotels around Duong Dong town. Your hotel can help you find the schedule and pick-up points.

Family-friendly parks

phu quoc guide

If you’re coming to Phu Quoc with your family, you’ll be happy to know the island is perfectly set up with activities for all ages. We recommend spending an afternoon at the water park and amusement park in Vinpearl Land Phu Quoc.

vinpearl phu quoc

One ticket gives you access to the entire park, including unlimited rides, a 5D cinema, indoor games, and water fountain shows. Vinpearl also operates a safari park and golf course a short ride away.

Insightful island tours 

things to do in phu quoc

Phu Quoc is traditionally known for its fish sauce and black pepper products, but there’s a lot more to the island than first meets the eye. A large national park covers part of the island, and you can kayak on Cua Can river or take nature walks in the forest to see ancient trees.

phu quoc inside guide

Several farms on the island such as Phu Quoc Countryside and Phu Quoc Bee Farm welcome visitors with guided tours and fun tasting sessions. Combine attractions on a motorbike or jeep tour to see hidden spots around the island and go at your own pace. 

Five-star resorts

best resorts phu quoc

If you’re the type that enjoys a touch of luxury on your vacations, Phu Quoc will give you ample opportunity to indulge. Award-winning resorts have claimed gorgeous corners of the island, and there’s a fabulous variety of options to choose from, from the university-themed JW Marriott Phu Quoc, to the nature-embracing bungalows at Nam Nghi Resort, to the wellness-inspired villas at Fusion Maia.

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TIP: The Alice in Wonderland-themed Chanterelle Spa at JW Marriott won the World’s Leading New Spa at the World Luxury Awards in 2017. Book a treatment to see what the buzz is all about. 

Rock Island Club

what to do in phu quoc

This photogenic bar is set over the rocks on a small island just two minutes’ boat ride from the mainland. Buy a ticket at Nam Nghi resort for an afternoon of pure bliss. On the island you’ll find small beaches with gentle currents, lounge chairs and showers.

rock island phu quoc

After swimming, choose a seat at the Rock Island Club bar. There are chairs placed out on the boulders, bean bags on the wooden deck, and rattan armchairs — all set up for prime viewing of Phu Quoc’s brilliant tropical sunsets. 

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