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Sitting on the tropical shores, Phu Quoc remains a magnificent and thriving fishing island, producing an abundance of fresh, mouthwatering seafood delivered from ocean to plate for eager diners. It doesn't get much fresher or more delicious than this; Phu Quoc offers some of the planet's finest seafood, prepared with exquisite flavours and textures as only the Vietnamese know-how. Also, as with most cuisine in Vietnam, dinner time means fun time, determining a hands-on experience with all dishes. Continue reading for a selected cuisine of delectable Phu Quoc seafood specialities that no visitor to Phu Quoc should miss.

Grilled Sea Urchin – Echinus (Nhum biển)

A winner with the locals, Grilled Sea Urchin, isn’t only a delight for the eyes; it also comes in various styles, making it a must-try on Phu Quoc.

Sitting like round wooden boats on the hot charcoal grill, the delightful presentation of Grilled Sea Urchin leaves diners with a hunger to try what’s inside. Once the spikes (or thorns) have been removed and the urchin halved drained, the chef can begin to add the unique ingredients to bring this unusual speciality to the table. A layering of oil, roasted peanuts, fresh spring onions are added, and the urchins are placed on the grill to cook. Once tender and the aroma revealing the unique flavor inside, the urchin is ready to eat.

You just take a spoon, scoop out the urchin, and dip it in the lime and pepper sauce. Zest, spice, fresh aroma, and a creamy texture are all part of the Sea Urchin experience.

The best place to try grilled sea urchins is at Dinh Cau night market.

sea urchins coocking

Raw Herring Salad (Gỏi cá trích)

One word to describe the look and taste of Raw Herring Salad is fresh! When this dish is presented, be sure that the table will become awash with colors, delicious smells, and eager diners.

Although described as a salad, this dish is much more entertaining and interactive than that. First, the raw herring is mixed with mint and onion, shredded coconut, and an assortment of crisp vegetables. Next, you take the rice paper, fold your desired ingredients into a wrap, and then dip into the delicious and fragrant sauce containing Phu Quoc’s specialty fish sauce, chopped garlic and chilli, and roasted peanuts. The taste is aromatic and fresh and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, although it’s a perfectly refreshing meal for a hot day.

herring salad

Ham Ninh Flower Crab (Ghẹ Hàm Ninh)

The rosy speckled Ham Ninh Flower Crab is famous on Phu Quoc Island and is located at its namesake in Ham Ninh, a fishing village 20km away from Duong Dong town and known for its small size and aromatic flavor, the Ham Ninh crab’s fragrant and aromatic flavor.

Flower crabs are most delicious when boiled, and the locals suggest that the smaller the crab, the more flavor they punch. The tasty meat is dipped in lime and pepper sauce and can be enjoyed in various locations across Phu Quoc Island. For an authentic experience, head up to beautiful Ham Ninh, and enjoy the crab looking over the shallow sparkling shore.

the Ham Ninh flower crab

Slipper Lobster – (Tôm mũ ni)

Easily one of the most exquisite dishes on Phu Quoc, the slipper lobster is served both in upmarket restaurants and within the bustling night market. Slipper lobster is clawless, meaning we get all of the meat from its chunky tail. Boiled until the meat is tender and aromatic, the slipper lobster is ideally enjoyed dipped in a zesty sauce of lime, salt and Phu Quoc Pepper.

The meat is beautifully white, with a texture that is a cross between shrimp and lobster. However, the flavor is distinct, as the meat is much sweeter than other lobster species.

slipper lobster

Snails - (Ốc)

A trip to Phu Quoc could not be complete without trying the bounty of tasty sea snails on offer. Each color, size, flavor, serving, and cooking option is available for snail banqueting on the island. Feasting on snails makes a unique experience of shopping with your eyes and tasting with your heart. Snails are plentiful, inexpensive, and offer a novel Vietnamese dining experience. Our advice is to watch what the locals are eating and give a variety of them a try. You will not be disappointed!

phu quoc snailsphu quoc snail

Grilled Trachurus - (Cá sòng nướng)

Grilled on hot charcoal, and challenging to catch, Grilled Trachurus is a delectable treat when dining on Phu Quoc. Seasoned with salt and chilli, the delicious meat is wrapped with herbs and vegetables in rice paper. The texture is unique - meatier than regular seafood and tastes less fishy too. The flavours are aromatic and sweet, which makes this seafood a must-try on Phu Quoc.

grilled trachurus

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