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    TK Nguyen of Skylight Nha Trang. Photos by Christian Berg

Hear stories and perspectives on Vietnam, through the eyes of the people who call it home. Everyone has a unique experience of this dynamic nation and their own reasons for why they love it. Get inspired by these local voices, and share your views on Vietnam with the hashtag #MyVietnam. 

TK, Vibe Director at Skylight Nha Trang

tk nguyen myvietnam

What I like about Nha Trang is that everything is just right here on the strip. The energy is really focused here. It’s such a fun, vibrant town.

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Thùy Trâm, Co-owner of Burger Republic, Da Nang

mai thuy tram myvietnam

To really feel Danang you need to open your heart and then you see the personality and the charm that my city has. It’s right there, throughout all the growth, all the nationalities that pass by, we still have some things that are really Danang.

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Liên Phan, Lecturer at Nha Trang University

lien phan myvietnam

Before I wanted to move somewhere else but the older I get the more I love this city. Nha Trang is a great place for people to relax. Life here is so peaceful, it’s not slow, but it’s still so peaceful.

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Thanh Đức, Chef and Owner of Mango Mango Hoi An

chef duc tran myvietnam

My first reason for staying in Hoi An was to chill on the beach and hang out. When I went to the market I said, 'Wow, look at all this food!' I bought a whole bunch. I brought all the food back to my hotel, and they said, 'What are you doing with all these shrimp and fish and vegetables?' I said, 'I want to cook!' I love the food resources here. It’s amazing. 

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Van Anh, Manager at A Luminary Life Hoi An

Van Anh My Hanoi

When you walk around, you'll find that there is always an alley or little lane next to every house which leads you to different world behind it. Once you walk inside those alleys, you will find a whole family or even three different generations living in this same house. This is the most beautiful thing I love here: that we can be so close to each other and all family members squeeze in a little cozy house and still happy with it.

David, Tour Guide at Nha Trang Vespa Tour

David Nguyen Nha Trang Vespa Tour

Most of the visitors coming to Nha Trang forget the local corners behind the hotels, and don’t go further into the countryside or the rice fields. If travellers want to have a real adventurous day, they should make friends with a local who can lead them to the waterfalls. For me I like the forest for hiking and the waterfalls for swimming — it’s still natural and a bit private.

Maia, Hanoi Art Enthusiast 

maia do myvietnam

It’s kind of weird, because we are living inside the change, sometimes we don’t feel the pace of it. If you sit back and realize so many things have happened so rapidly, it’s crazy.

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Kane, Co-owner of LIVIN Collective

Kane Ho LIVIN Collective

My wife, Marian, and I love Vietnam’s beautiful coastline, delicious fresh food, and the friendliness of the people. We chose Nha Trang as our home for its perfect balance of being a small beach town with the excitement of a big city. Though there are many cool places in Nha Trang, I love being at the office, LIVIN collective. It’s where the community, different cultures, creativity, dreams and changes all collide with each other.

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