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  • Voices of Vietnam now: Thu Vu of Lam Boutique

    Photos by Aaron Joel Santos

Thu Vu is an event and content coordinator for Lam Boutique, a unique women’s clothing brand from Vietnam. Originally from the town of Can Tho in the Mekong Delta, Thu Vu has lived in Ho Chi Minh City for more than five years. Here she discusses what she loves about her adopted home, what makes the city tick, and her upcoming passion projects.

Lam Boutique HCMC

What’s the best part about living in Ho Chi Minh City now?

I love it here because you can do everything. You can be everywhere. We talk endlessly. We have endless conversations about everything, about love, and it’s just like a scene in a movie. And then the next morning, I’m here working, but also enjoying at the same time. I think this city has a lot of doors open for people who dare to explore.

Lam Boutique HCMC

How easy is it for people from outside to start something in Ho Chi Minh City?

Here, people are fast. People are open and willing to change. You can start something on your own very easily. I was just talking to this guy from New York. He started his concept store here in Vietnam and he shared that it is much more difficult for you to open such a place in New York. But in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s much easier because the industry actually is not established yet. You have a lot of opportunity and space to tap into. This is also what makes the city cool, the people. The new generation is entrepreneurial. 

Vietnam now fashion

Outside of this job, what’s your passion?

I am now working on my own projects. I organize workshops, like group styling workshops for women. I will establish a personal shopping service later. My long term goal actually is to establish a company that offers personal shopping services and image consultancy. Customers can either work with the in-house stylist or book an appointment with me. We’ll have different kinds of packages.

Vietnam Now Lam Boutique

What is your favourite phrase in Vietnamese?

"Không sao." I think it’s only here, in the south of Vietnam we say "không sao." If a man talks to a girl, in English he'll say “tell me about that.” But in Vietnamese the man will say something like “không sao kể anh nghe.” It’s like the person is dying to listen to you, but in a casual, intimate way. I love Vietnamese in general, I love the language.