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    Inside LIVIN Collective, Nha Trang. Photo by Christian Berg

Spend a few days in its urban centres, and you'll see why so many travellers are taken with Vietnam's captivating blend of old and new. It's an enticing synergy. Venture into the streets and you'll encounter chaotic markets and colonial-era cafes, sparkling malls and tidy boutiques. In Ho Chi Minh City, the aptly named 'Antique Street' is overflowing with fabulous art and antiques. In Hanoi's Old Quarter, shops trade on fine silk, lacquerware, and ceramics. And in Hoi An, tailors will stitch you a new suit in a matter of days.

When it comes time to relax in Vietnam, you can keep it local or go as high end as you please. Nha Trang is known for beach parties and a fun-loving crowd. The rivers and lakes of Hanoi and Hoi Chi Minh City are perfect for sunset cruises, and both have hip rooftop lounges and craft beer bars to explore. Love live performances? Catch a Ca Tru concert in Hanoi, or the captivating AO Show in Ho Chi Minh City. At least once in your stay, do as the locals do and enjoy an evening of barbecue and beer on the sidewalk, or chat over a cup of tea in the shade of a city park. Check out our event calendar for a list of pyrotechnic competitions, festivals, and concerts throughout the year.

Shopping & Entertainment

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