• Vietnamese recipes to try at home

Missing the flavours of Vietnam? Then it’s time to get creative in your own kitchen. Enjoy authentic Vietnamese dishes at home with these five simple recipes. Watch the videos below to see how to create five classic Vietnamese dishes step-by-step, then download the recipe booklet for specific measurements and instructions. Have fun and happy cooking! 

Bánh xèo | Crispy pancake

In Vietnam, this crispy savoury pancake comes in many sizes, but it’s always rolled with fresh green leaves and herbs, and dipped in light fish sauce for a delightful mix of textures. Getting the bánh xèo batter just right is the biggest challenge, but the results are worth it. Serve the bánh xèo hot and eat each roll with your hands for the full experience.

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Cá kho tộ | Claypot fish

Caramelized fish in a claypot is a dish that will take you right back to Vietnam. Galangal, chilli and green peppercorn come together with freshwater fish and sweet coconut water to make this Mekong Delta classic. Baking the fish in a claypot in the oven gives the sauce a chance to caramelise and renders the fish flaky-soft. 

Đậu phụ sốt cà | Tofu in tomato sauce

Tofu in tomato sauce is a simple dish every Vietnamese cook knows. Fried tofu simmered in tomatoes and topped with fresh scallions makes for an easy and healthy vegetarian meal. Be sure to use fresh, firm tofu for this recipe. Serve the tofu with garlicky morning glory, steamed rice, and fish sauce for a real local lunch. 

Bánh mì trứng | Egg sandwich

There are hundreds of versions of bánh mì in Vietnam, but this hot omelette baguette is a satisfying breakfast or snack enjoyed across the country. You might like to toast your baguette on a grill to make it hot and crunchy before adding the fillings. You can also level up your bánh mì with butter, chilli sauce, or tomato, or go vegan with our marinated tofu option. 

Bún thang | Chicken noodle soup

Chicken, ham, eggs, mushrooms, shrimp and herbs blend together in this uniquely Hanoian noodle soup. The clear hot broth with delicate noodles and shredded toppings makes Vietnamese think of family get-togethers and Sunday lunches. Take your bowl of bún thang to the next level by adding a dollop of fermented shrimp paste and a squeeze of lime. 

Try these dishes yourself! Download the recipes.

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